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Education has never been more exciting! Our year-round outdoor, hands-on learning opportunities abound at Blandford Nature Center with 143 aces of varied natural communities located in northwest Grand Rapids. We provide many opportunities for students of all ages to learn and experience the wonder of outdoors. Field trips to Blandford immerse students in nature and history and reinforce Michigan's grade level content expectations. We also provide a Traveling Naturalist program, bringing wildlife presentations and schoolyard activities to your own facility.

Enjoy the beauty of Spring in a new, educational way at Blandford! We have many Spring field trip opportunities available April 14- June 5. One of our Spring field trips, Signs of Spring, (grades preK-K) shows students the discoveries that await them when life awakens from its winter nap. Hands-on activities, looking specifically at the life cycles of trees and frogs, trail hiking and identifying wildflowers are included in this program. Birds of a Feather (grades 1-2) teaches students how to identify characteristics and basic needs of birds, as well as bird behavoirs and nesting techniques. Students will also visit a forest, field and wetland communities, and have a special visit from one of our resident raptors. Wonderful Wetlands (grades 3-5) will explore the wonders of wetlands as students look at these unique communities. Students will also venture out on a hike to investigate the plants and animals living in Blandford's wetlands and ponts. Life cycles, adaptions and changing landscapes are discussed during this walk. Producers, Consumer, Decomposers (grades 3-5) will allow students to examine the concepts of food chains and webs through hands-on lessons and trail hikes on their way to understanding how life interacts on our unique plant.

For a more personal experience for PreK-2 students, Blandford Environmental Education Program 6th graders (BEEPs) can lead your group through the Sugarbush. Ask for more details when registering. 

For more information about how your school can join these wonderful programs, please download the brochure or call at (616) 735-6240. Registration over the phone is only available from 9am - 4:30pm.

 Click here to download the homeschool and grade school programs

Thank YOU for making this year's Sugarbush a success!

Thank you to everyone who came out and visited Blandford for Sugarbush. We hope everyone who visited us had a great time, and was able to learn about the process of making maple syrup. We also want to say thank you to all our volunteers who helped out with Sugarbush. Whether you were ringing up sales in the General Store, boiling sap in the Sugarshack, or guiding tours down the Sugarbush Trail, we are very grateful. A special thank you also goes out to all of our sponsors this year!    ... more...